Before the formation of the Chamber, the predominating business organization was the Board of Trade. Eventually, those pioneering businessmen, including Father of Las Vegas “Pop” Squires, Dr. Roy Martin, James G. Givens, E.W. Griffith, and railroad official Walter Bracken, decided that Las Vegas needed a Chamber of Commerce to promote relocation, diversity, and overall growth to the Las Vegas area.

Almost immediately upon formation, the Las Vegas Chamber became an advocate for economic development, touting the natural artisan wells in the area, placing an ad in Sunset Magazine to attract drivers from Southern California, and exhibiting at the Land and Products Exhibition in Los Angeles in one of the first major tourism drives in Las Vegas’ history.

James G. Givens, in one of the first recorded meetings of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, said, “We cannot stand still: we go either forward or backward, and it is up to us now to enter upon a period of increased progress and activity…it is incumbent upon us…to work for such purposes for the common good, and I promise you that…if all work together, all help and do their duty, there will be a measure of growth and expansion here never before experienced.”


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