The Chamber Takes Flight

To make Las Vegas a major destination city in the West, the Chamber recognized the need for an airfield early in its history. In 1926, passenger air service began on Western Express Airlines. The Chamber appointed Robert Griffith, son of E.W. Griffith, to investigate an airfield to service the airline.The original airfield site, Rockwell Field, is now the corner of Sahara and Paradise.

Later, in 1960, the Chamber assisted in getting McCarran Airport to pass bond election by holding a board meeting to endorse the airport just days before the bond election. The Chamber had recognized the growing popularity of the jet plane and with United Airlines already advertising service to Las Vegas, knew the jet plane would be key in keeping competitive in the tourism industry.

Today, McCarran Airport is one of the busiest airports in the nation, serving over 40 million passengers from around the world annually.


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