Advocacy in Action

In 1994, Chamber president Mark Smith established the Government Affairs Committee to provide a voice to Chamber members in legislative and policy matters. In the 1990s, the Chamber advocated for the passage of school bonds to fund $3.5 million for school construction and renovation, as well as helped pass a 1/4 cent sales tax increase for a second intake pipe into Lake Mead, ensuring future access to our water supply.

In 2005, the Chamber helped pass an 8% cap on property tax for businesses. In 2009, the Chamber published landmark studies on public employee pay and benefits, and was successful during the legislative session of having comprehensive reform measures passed to help reduce the state's unfunded future budget liability and shortfall.

In 2010, the Chamber hosted President Barack Obama in an exclusive meet-and-greet reception. Members were able to hear firsthand on President Obama's priorities and views on the issues affecting Southern Nevada.

The Chamber was also instrumental in working with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to help create language for the Small Business Jobs Act, signed into law later that year.

Today, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee and internal staff play an active and important role in supporting and protecting the business community in Nevada. To accomplish this objective, the Chamber advocates for the adoption of good public policies, laws and regulations on behalf of the business community.


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