1990s: The World's Most Visited Place


Workers' Compensation Reform

The Chamber spearheads workers' compensation reform, reducing the financial burden on small businesses in the area.


Government Affairs Committee Made Official

Under the direction of Chamber president Mark Smith, the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce establishes the Government Affairs committee to play an active and important role in supporting and protecting the business community in Nevada. To accomplish this objective, the committee continues to advocate for the adoption of good public policies, laws and regulations on behalf of the business community.


Las Vegas Speedway Support

The Chamber supports the $72 million, 1,100-acre Las Vegas Speedway park with tracks for drag, stock car and formula car races to open in September of 1996. This brings NASCAR and Indy fans to Las Vegas, which brings in millions of dollars in revenue to the city during its events.


Ensuring our Future

The Chamber helps pass a 1/4 cent sales tax increase for a second intake pipe in Lake Mead to ensure future access to our water supply.


An Advocate for Schools

The Chamber advocates for passage of school bonds to fund $3.5 million for school construction and renovation.


The Most Visited Place

Las Vegas becomes the world's most visited place with 37 million tourists per year.