1970s: Casinos & Corporations


Union Plaza Opens

The Union Plaza Hotel opens on the site of the old Union Pacific railroad stop. Two major Chamber players are instrumental in facilitating the project - Frank Scott and Sam Boyd.


Holiday Casino Opens

Claudine and Shelby Williams open the Holiday Casino. Claudine Williams would later serve as Chamber chairman and was a longtime trustee, supporter, and Government Affairs committee member. She becomes a trailblazer for women in business in Nevada, becoming the first female to serve as Chairman of the Board for a major financial institution in Las Vegas, the Nevada Commerce Bank. The Holiday Casino is now Harrah's.


Gaming Regulators Help Clean House

Gaming regulators go after organized crime in the casino industry in Las Vegas. Future Chamber chairman Jeff Silver is one of these regulators that officiate the clean-up.


The First COMDEX

Sheldon Adelson creates the Computer Dealer Expo, also known as COMDEX, and holds it at MGM Grand (now Bally's Las Vegas). COMDEX continues to be one of Las Vegas' biggest conventions annually and consistently brings in millions of dollars in revenue for the city. It also ushers in the "super-convention," still a major source of revenue for Las Vegas today.