1960s: Selling Nevada


Bringing In The Jet Plane

With the growing popularity of the jet plane and United Airlines advertising service to Las Vegas, the need for a larger airport that can accommodate the jet plane becomes pressing. The Chamber of Commerce holds a board meeting to endorse the airport in an effort to get it to pass bond election, a crucial step that helps McCarran International Airport become one of the United States' busiest airports today.


Chairman Boyd

Respected gaming leader Sam Boyd ascends as chairman of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, and aligns gaming and hospitality as one major industry. His position at the Chamber helps solidify the legitimate businessman in the gaming and hospitality industry.


Blue Print of Action

The Chamber forms 19 working committees comprised of business leaders in areas related to aviation, downtown improvement, highway construction, military affairs, education, legislation, and Congressional action. The program is set into action by Chamber president Bob Jones and called "Blue Print of Action."


Chamber Creates Merchant's Bureau

The Chamber creates the Merchant's Bureau based off the feedback from president Bob Jones' Blue Print of Action.


"Sell Nevada Mission"

Chamber officials, including Sam Boyd and Parry Thomas of Thomas & Mack, along with key members of state government and members of the business community, embark on the "Sell Nevada Mission" in an effort to sell the tourism industry of Las Vegas to European markets. The trip is wildly successful and visibly increases international tourism.


Foundations of the Nevada Development Authority

Chamber chairman Frank Scott founds the organization that is now the Nevada Development Authority. Its focus is economic diversification and attracting new businesses to the Las Vegas area.