1950s: Vegas Landmarks


The Atomic Era

The first atomic bomb is detonated at the Nevada Test Site on January 27. The Chamber issues a stream of press releases describing the testing grounds as one of the many attractions the city has to offer. After the detonations are televised, atomic culture sweeps the nation and Las Vegas becomes the epicenter of the craze. The Chamber issues a calendar listing the scheduled detonations and best vantage points to watch them.

Establishments like the Flamingo and the Sands offer Atomic Cocktails, atomic hair-dos, and Miss Atomic Blast beauty contests.


Chamber Brings About the LVCVA

The Chamber is instrumental in creating the Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority with backing from Chamber chairman Ed Converse of Bonanza Airlines.


KLAS Formed

KLAS, the first local television station and longtime Chamber member, is formed.


UNLV Finds a Partner in Education

University of Nevada, Las Vegas, opens. Chamber president Archie Grant lines up business support for the school, helping to raise the $50,000 necessary to purchase the land for the Maryland Parkway campus and its first building, named for Maude Frazier, a leader in Southern Nevada's early education days.


Chamber Forms the Better Business Bureau & United Way of Southern Nevada

The Chamber of Commerce forms the Better Business Bureau and United Way of Southern Nevada in a citywide effort to increase community stewardship.


The "Las Vegas Sign" Turns on its Lights

The Las Vegas sign is created by Betty Willis and owned by Young Electric Sign Company, more commonly known as YESCO. To this day, the Las Vegas sign is one of the most iconic figures of Las Vegas, attracting thousands of visitors to it annually.


Open for Convention Business!

The Las Vegas Convention Center opens for business.